There are a number of evidence that a thai female likes you. She will remain attentive of your brain terminology and look for way to make eye contact with you. These are wonderful signs that she is interested in you and wants to spend time with you. If she smiles at you and looks at you a lot, this is also a great indicator that she is interested in you. This is especially true if she smiles at you while you are talking to her and smiles when she sees you.

When a Thai lady starts to ask you questions about your life, passions and family it is a really great indication that she likes you. This is a indication that she wants to know all about you and is taking her marriage severely. She wants to be sure that she can depend on you and may never loan out at the first sign of trouble.

Another good sign that a Thai female likes you is if she talks about you with her buddies. She may even go out of her way to discuss you and your compassion with her. It is a great sign that she is happy of you and that she is interested in having a major partnership with you.

Another sign that a Thai girl likes you if she invites you to her family’s home for dinner or to match her parents. This is a very big action and is a clear sign that she is taking her relationship really and that she trusts you.